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Exalted Ruler Greg Pile Welcomes you.


We strive to make your visit with us an excellent experience.  When visiting please take a moment to share your comments with us.  We want to hear from you.


Our Lodge Officers stand ready to assist our fellow Elks and their guests.  We are proud of our long tradition of outstanding hospitality, great service and being a friendly place to visit.


When you introduce yourself to any of our over 995 members you will find yourself with family and newly made life long friends. 


We are confident that here you will discover what makes Green Valley a great place to live, and why so many call this Lodge home.



How do I join? Come in or call for a membership application and schedule a Friday night visit to our lounge and a tour of our Lodge.








Click here to listen to B.P.O.E. MUSIC




Join Our Email List

Visit us on Facebook


Lodge Meets 2nd Monday at 6:00 p.m. New Member Initiation 4th Monday at 6:00 p.m.

The photos contained within these web pages were taken at various Elk activities or events and may contain recognizable images of people. Please contact the nostalgiacasinoonlineand ask for the photo to be removed if you would prefer that a specific photo not be shown on this site. Please indicate which page and photo it is.  It is not our intent to offend or embarrass anyone.

We are also looking for any photos that you think might be of interest to people browsing our website. Photo submissions as well, can also be sent to the Webmaster. Thank you.

?2019 Green Valley Elks Lodge 2592

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